How to become a member

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If you are interested in your Company being considered for Membership please contact the Secretary (please see the Contact page)

Currently the GSC has three classes of Membership as follows:

Member Company:

Represented by the Chief Executive of the Company
Such Members have full voting rights

Associate Member:

Normally a past Member Representative or Past President
who has retired from operational involvement and who is invited
by the Board.
Associate Members have no voting rights

Honorary Associate Members: Nominated by the Board and approved by Council Members.
Such Members have no voting rights


For more information about the membership rules please click here.


Fees and Subscriptions
Current annual membership subscriptions are as follows:

    US $ 3,300 for Company Members including access to Member's private website
    US $ 100 for Associate Members including access to Member's private website


Subsidies for Meetings

The Council Treasury budgets a fixed amount to support Member Companies hosting meetings
Presently this is:

for Annual General Meetings US $     45,000
for Section Meetings US $     10,000
for Regional Meetings and Members Dinner US $     5,000
for Working Luncheons US $     2,500

At the 2013 Annual General meeting it was agreed to vary the support  for the New York Regional meeting to include the luncheon within a total of US$10,000 


The Member Companies hosting the meetings will need to fund the balance of the costs, with the exception of the Working Luncheons when the members and their guests will be charged directly.
It will be the decisions of the host members just how generous they wish to be and how lavish they wish to make the social programmes.

Members attending meetings are expected to pay their own air fares and other traveling expenses, hotel accommodation including any cancellation fees, and other individual expenses.

Associate Members will, in addition, be charged US $ 300 for attending AGMs and Section Meetings to assist in defraying costs.