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President – appointed annually who hosts the Annual General Meeting

Vice President – previous year’s President
Vice President - forthcoming year’s President

The Board elected at the 2015 Annual General Meeting is:

President - Jeff Scott

Vice Presidents - Alberto Cordella & Peter Levesque

Each of the above Board Members represents one of the three geographical areas within the Council’s framework, namely:

* European Section
* North American, Caribbean & Bermuda Section
* Southern Hemisphere, Asia and Far East Section


Secretary                    - Bruno Valkeniers based in the Antwerp

Deputy Secretary        - Thomas Simmers based in New Jersey (USA)

Treasurer                     - Frans Baud based in Ijmuiden (the Netherlands) 

Finance Committee

Chairman  - Johan Rostin of Copenhagen Malmo Ports AB
Members  - Roberto Murchison of Murchison Estibajes y Cargas, Buenos Aires

                   - Luis Arturo Ayala III of Luis A Ayala Colon Sucrs. Inc. Puerto Rico.