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GSC Members are kept informed about the latest trends in the shipping and port industries worldwide at meetings and through the Council’s web site. Strategies to take best advantages of the industry changes and practices are discussed and developed at the meetings, and include information on such items as safety, labour relations, IT, systems and new equipment.

It is the intention that there shall be continuity of representation at the meetings and communications be informal and private, free of stress and competition, but above all full of friendship.

Since it is the Companies that are the Members of the Council and not individuals

The chief executives can, under certain circumstances, nominate an alternative senior executive who can attend meetings with him or stand in for him if the chief executive is not available. Such circumstances would include bringing in new and younger managers if the chief executive would be due for retirement in the near future.

Members are urged to exchange information between meetings by making maximum use of direct networking with fellow members who have similar problems or solutions. Such exchanges often lead to managers visiting other members facilities and this, together with extending every courtesy to member representatives visiting other members, is much encouraged.

The Council and its members are keen to conduct and support in house Management Courses for the port industry’s up and coming management who will become the member representatives of the GSC tomorrow

Senior Management and General Management Courses are held on alternate years in various ports with the generous assistance of members situated in the chosen locations.

In order to facilitate these aims and objectives the GSC has constantly sought to:

    assure the future viability and effectiveness of the Council by recruitment of younger generation from both new and old ports,
    ensure all members are active and are kept informed through their participation in meetings, as well as through the secretariat and the Council’s web site www.gscouncil.com